I am Harshal Duddalwar, a communication designer recently graduated with a bachelor in graphic design from the MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India.
I was born and brought up in a small town in central India, famous for its power plant and coal reserves - Chandrapur. Coming from a family of doctors, the only conversation I initially had with  was in the school, like every other child in the class who loved to draw. Growing up with lack of exposure about anything else but medical and engineering, making art or practising design as a profession wasn’t something I ever imagined.
It was only some research, a lot of courage opening out to my extremely supportive and encouraging parents and some risk that landed me in Mumbai, where I spent a very crucial and eventful time exploring design, art and photography. Mumbai also exposed me to a series of other incredible events and overwhelming experiences (which made me pen down a compilation that I call ‘Finding Myself’) before I admitted myself to a design school in Pune.
It is the passage of time employed in academics accompanied by a couple of internships; industrial, freelance and other self - initiated projects that have brought me to this point in life where I am trying to expand the sense of my art and carve it into design making it further meaningful and reasonable. 
Designing gives me happiness. I appreciate its value to make something easy to use or to understand. As a young visual designer, I take conscious efforts to express the purpose of my design through a simple and direct visual language using basic shapes, colours, images and type in order to communicate the intended message. As a learner, I have always aspired to be a perfectionist trying to craft a research directed and process driven design with all my passion and attention to aesthetics and details.
My practice so far has mainly focused on the traditional graphic design like branding, illustration and layouts; however, designing screens and typography has been of interest to me lately. I don’t appreciate being idle. When I am not working, I am either talking to people, watching documentaries or eating! 
I like to talk about anything and everything to people I know. My friends say that I am fun to be around with. I believe they don’t lie! My work has been my hobby; so drawing, doodling and clicking landscapes is what I have been doing in my free time. I am also learning to play the harmonica.
You can click here to view my resume or get in touch with me on harshaladuddalwar@gmail.com or +91 9823-111-452.