Gender issues have always prevailed in our society and there hasn't been a substantial solution to it so far. The moment we hear the word 'Hijra' (a transgender individual assigned male at birth), there's a feeling of fear and anxiety about something that might happen and that creates a split between us and them. We are so hesitant to spend even a moment with them that we tend to ignore the 8.7 lakh Hijras who are struggling to make a living in this country. We fail to look at them as humans and as a part of our society, overseeing the beautiful things that we can get by having them amongst us. No one is born a Hijra. The society forces them to choose the path because of one small condition that nature has imposed on them which is being either a male or a female. The intention of this project was to make the society realise about the way, the Hijras are being treated and the reason for accepting them without being looked at as outcasts; thus forming a complete society.

Why Apply Any Conditions? is an initiative by The Humsafar Trust, specifically to spread awareness for recognition and acceptance of the transgenders/ Hijras in the Indian society. The initiative proposes sessions and talks at educational and corporate levels educating people about what is it like to be a transgender person and how are they different (if they are different in any way) and accepting them for the way and what they are. Here are a series of posters and hoardings I've designed to promote the events. The colour palette is inspired by the Transgender Pride Flag designed by Monica Helms.

View the research presentation here.​​​​​​​ 
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